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Photograph: Christophe Canato
Photograph: Christophe Canato
Photograph: Christophe Canato
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Choreography: Aimee Smith
Performers: BUZZ Dance Theatre; Skye Sewell, Josh Mu, Glen Lo, David, Jenni, Rachel Ogle
Lighting design: Nick Higgins
Costume design: Trenna Kerr
Duration of Work: 20 minutes
Music: Markant, Klimik – Milk & Honey, All – All Tag 5

A representation of a decisive moment – a moment of emergency and of survival – an event that calls for ordinary people to react to a desperate situation in extraordinary ways. The work was born from a deep concern and passion for our environment and fear of what consequences our abusive treatment might have. It investigates our attitudes towards our environment; our commodification of the Earth – the illusion that it can be bought or sold, and refunded – and our obsession with containing and controlling it.