Courageously Heroic Gallantry

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Choreography: Aimee Smith
Performer: Aisling Donovan
Duration of work: 20 minutes
Music: Elvis Presley – GI Blues , Otis Redding – Security, Dimitri From Paris – Toujours L’Amore, voice sample of Michael Whaites
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Andrew Lake for his mentorship through the process.

Premiered at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Perth, March 8-11 2007 in STRUT’s Four on the Floor Season.

From where I sit, the sport of war seems filled with foul play. The propaganda of war appears rife with misconceptions. The whole thing is ridiculously frightening. Courageously Heroic Gallantry is a sarcastic exploration of this, that in the end, hits home harder than expected.

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