Kyoto Art Centre


3 month international artist residency at Kyoto Art Centre in collaboration with Ben Taaffe. During this time the artists developed a new performance work Borderlines and community engagement project The Futures Project (see below)


Taipei Artist Village


2 month international artist residency at Taipei Artist Village April-May 2011. During this time The Futures Project was first developed.


The Futures Project was developed during a Taipei International Artist Residency and Kyoto Arts Center International Artist Residency. The Futures Project invites people to share or teach the artist a skill or piece of knowledge that they have, that they think might be useful in surviving or shaping the future. This skill or knowledge is transferred to the artist and, wherever possible, is practiced during the exchange. The artist becomes a kind-of human encyclopedia, whilst the work is becomes a vehicle for sharing, collecting and beginning. Perhaps this project is also a way to face fears, articulate dreams, and take hold of the future.


The Arctic Circle Project


In 2010, Aimee was selected as a participant in The Arctic Circle Project, an artist–led voyage to the High Arctic. Over 18 days, 18 international artists travelled through the Arctic ‘addressing issues of their time’ through the creation of new works and inspired responses to this phenomenal environment.


Asialink Residency at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts


During this 3 month residency Aimee worked with the company to create 24 December 2008, a new dance-theatre work as well as engaging in extensive cultural exchange.


AWESOME Arts 2007 Creative Challenge


Make Your Move is a dance and sound based project carried out with young people in 10 regional and remote communities throughout WA in 2007. Through the mediums of dance and sound young people explored their creativity and concepts of identity, sharing these with the wider community at ‘celebration day’.

The processes and products of each community were also showcased as part of AWESOME’s annual International Arts Festival in Perth.